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The Children's Mitochondrial Disease Network - C/EMDN is the UK's only charity dedicated to providing information and support for all Mitochondrial Disorders, C/EMDN is supported by voluntary donations and has no paid staff.

"We hope you find our site helpful and you enjoy your visit. Thank you for your time. Did you know...Mitochondrial defects have also been linked to Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Diabetes, Autism, and the aging process? Please visit us again." Paul Preston

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Mito Help & Information Line: +44(0) 01606 43946

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Registered working name of the European Mitochondrial Disease Network. Registered Charity No. 1070533

The Information & hyperlinks contained with the EMDN Web Site are for informational & educational purposes only, EMDN has no control over the information that the hyperlinks contain. When seeking medical advice, we always suggest you consult with your GP or and your Child's Consultant in the first instance.

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